Space Case Grinder Review

Space Case Grinder Review


Why This Manufacturer?

Seeking a herb grinder and strive for being the best model on the market? Then the grinder by Space Case is up your street. There are numerous models that come with different functions, but the most cutting-edge grinding machine is the Four Piece Titanium Grinder. Having 3.5 inches in diameter and consisting of four parts, this model will satisfy all of your requirements. Continue pushing cannabis buds into the grinder and get perfect substance.

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The usefulness of the machine should not be underestimated. After the grinding process has been complete, the remains go through a screen and then accumulate in the bucket at the bottom of the device. This thing is called a kief catcher and every doper serious about getting the most pleasure out of the process must have it. To learn more about what kief is, its functions and how it perform click here.

The prongs of the device are as sharp as a shark’s teeth and are shaped in the form of a diamond. The diamond-shaped prongs won’t lose their sharpness through the course of time providing you with the finest grinded portions of marijuana. The prongs are capable of turning the product into the dust, and the best thing is that the grinding process is uniform which means that you will have no nubbles the substance. This is perfect for roll-ups or vaporizing.

Being made of titanium, the grinder will not be affected by rust, and the material itself is strong too, which is the biggest benefit if the device. Inasmuch as the anodized titanium is nonstick, the maintaining, as well as the cleaning processes, will be a piece of cake.

The classic black titanium design makes the grinder look outstanding; your sidekicks will die of jealousy, believe me. The device was developed and constructed in such a way that all the details fit together precisely as if it had been a jigsaw puzzle. The grinder is fitted with the magnets which help it snap shut easily and make it comfortable for you to hold the device when grinding.

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The accurate adjustment of the details, the material the grinder is made of and the Teflon grade O-rings will ensure the flawless performance of the device will be long-lasting. Space Case (the manufacturer of the grinder) have put so much faith in the quality of their product that even provided it with a lifetime guarantee. If some problems do occur, you can easily the grinder replaced.


Downfall pits?

The only detail that usually interferes with people purchasing products by Space Case is the price. You will definitely have to splash out. If you have an issue with money, you had better opt for a less expensive option that would still satisfy your requirements. However, remember that once you have bought a high-grade model, it will be serving you for many years. The performance the grinder carries out will for sure defray your costs.